Daily Quote Archives

April 2024
  1. April 01 The religious mind is really a scientific mind - scientific in the sense that it is able to observe facts without distortion, to see itself as it is.
  2. April 02 The thinker is a fictitious entity, an unreal state.
  3. April 03 The energy which seeks truth creates its own discipline without any form of imposition;
  4. April 04 It is one fact in life, we are all going to die. That is an absolute, irrevocable fact.
  5. April 05 I am talking of the emptiness which comes through extraordinary thoughtfulness, when the mind sees its own power of creating illusion and goes beyond.
  6. April 06 Have the teachings attributed to the great teachers - Christ, Buddha, Hermes and others - any value for the attainment of the direct path to truth?
  7. April 07 So long as the animal is petted he reacts nicely, but the moment he is antagonized the whole violence of his nature comes out.
  8. April 08 Intense, active attention cannot be sustained by most people, so inattention comes.
  9. April 09 Life is not merely the 'me' in action, but the life of the animal, the life of nature, the child begging in the street.
  10. April 10 You have got to accept no authority of any kind including my own; but that requires a tremendous understanding, that requires you seeing facts.
  11. April 11 We are talking of denial without a motive - to renounce, to give up doing something, without a motive.
  12. April 12 When you repeat what you consider to be the truth, then it ceases to be the truth.
  13. April 13 Sensitivity in its highest form is intelligence.
  14. April 14 People seem not to understand what I am saying, because they come with fixed ideas;
  15. April 15 That you inquire after truth implies that you believe in a path to truth, and this is the first illusion in which you are caught.
  16. April 16 If we see the truth that there is only thought and not a thinker, that the thinker is arbitrary, artificial and entirely fictitious - then what happens?
  17. April 17 I think most people have lost the art of listening.
  18. April 18 Meditation is not the pursuit of pleasure and the search for happiness.
  19. April 19 Must one get drunk to know what sobriety is?
  20. April 20 One can describe the mountain, paint it, but the painting, the description is not the mountain.
  21. April 21 Most of you are seeking temporary relief, temporary shelter, and yet you call that the search for truth.
  22. April 22 Don't change. It's very simple. If you want to remain as you are, carry on, nobody is going to prevent you.
  23. April 23 Right education is surely finding a different way of life, setting the mind free from its own conditioning.
  24. April 24 The one who knows does not know; he can know only his own prejudices, his self-projected beliefs and sensory demands.
  25. April 25 As you are prejudiced you have to become aware of that fact before you can begin to discern what is actual and what is illusory.
  26. April 26 Are you, when you are listening, observing your own belief, your own conclusion?
  27. April 27 There is a common need to escape, and mutually we use each other. This usage is called love.
  28. April 28 Colour was god and death was beyond the gods.
  29. April 29 Question: What is your truth?
  30. April 30 Though you may meditate, read the scriptures, think of God, it is all on the surface.