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Apr 4, 2024
Question: When you are no longer physically with us among us what are those of us who understand your message, even if only intellectually, to do? Do we continue working on ourselves and forget the rest of the world? Or try to spread your teachings as we see it?

Krishnamurti: When you are no longer physically with us - why add 'physically'?

Sir, it is your message, not mine. It is your book, not mine. If the way you live is the message, if you live in the way we are talking about, timelessly, your very living is the life. That doesn't depend on anybody. It is one fact in life, we are all going to die. That is an absolute, irrevocable fact. And the future is now, death is now. You understand? That is -the ending is now, not in ten years time, or fifty years time. And if one lives that way your very living is the message, it is not K's message, it is yours. then your life is spreading. The very living, the way you live, you then spread that which you are living. Not spread that which someone else has said. You understand? So very, very simple, this. Beauty is yours, not somebody else's.
Public Question & Answer 2 Brockwood Park, England - 30 August 1984 Read full text