Daily Quote Archives

April 2021
  1. April 01 Identifying with something seems to be the nature of man.
  2. April 02 Most of you are seeking temporary relief, temporary shelter, and yet you call that the search for truth.
  3. April 03 Are you, when you are listening, observing your own belief, your own conclusion?
  4. April 04 Our difficulty is to make the mind revolve slowly so that each thought-feeling can be followed and understood.
  5. April 05 Right education is surely finding a different way of life, setting the mind free from its own conditioning.
  6. April 06 We never seem to have a feeling for all living things on the earth.
  7. April 07 Through negation the positive comes into being.
  8. April 08 The poison and corruption begin when you look to one person as your authority, your guide, your saviour.
  9. April 09 Our love is based on your image of me and my image of you.
  10. April 10 To walk alone, unimpeded by thought, by the trail of our desires, is to go beyond the reaches of the mind.
  11. April 11 Meditation is wandering away from this world; one has to be a total outsider.
  12. April 12 The power to create illusion is vastly more significant to understand than to understand reality.
  13. April 13 Where there is no anonymity there is violence, in all its different forms.
  14. April 14 Thought, however clever, however wide, however well-informed, is limited.
  15. April 15 It is far more important to look at the past as memory, and this we don't know how to do.
  16. April 16 You, the individual, are the mass, the result of the mass.
  17. April 17 To escape collectively is the highest form of security.
  18. April 18 Surely, to find that which is beyond time, all the process of time must cease, must it not?