Daily Quote Archives

September 2023
  1. September 01 Attachment to knowledge is not different from any other gratifying addiction.
  2. September 02 Can you and I, live with what we actually are?
  3. September 03 Don't deal with sorrow as your particular precious stuff. It is shared by all humanity.
  4. September 04 Discipline is always exclusive, whereas understanding is inclusive.
  5. September 05 I think there is an art to listening.
  6. September 06 We are so self-centered, so occupied with our worries, with our own benefits, we have no time to observe and understand.
  7. September 07 We are questioning the reality of individuality. Is your consciousness really yours?
  8. September 08 I love what I am talking about.
  9. September 09 Religion as it exists is not religion at all.
  10. September 10 Intelligence functions spontaneously if the mind ceases to escape, ceases to seek solutions.
  11. September 11 As we cannot face that thing called death, we invent all kinds of theories; in the East reincarnation, here resurrection, or whatever it is.
  12. September 12 While living, can you end attachment? Because, when you die, all attachment ends.
  13. September 13 It is essential to deny thought as remembrance, pleasant or unpleasant, every minute of the day as it arises.
  14. September 14 It is easy to perceive what is, but to be free of it is another matter
  15. September 15 What happens when the 'thinker' sees that he is the thought - which he is - that the experiencer is the experience?
  16. September 16 Religion, surely, is the uncovering of reality. Religion is not belief.
  17. September 17 What is death? Surely, it is the complete cessation of everything that you have known
  18. September 18 Meditation is not choosing one particular form and dwelling upon it, but it is a continual discovery of the meaning of every thought and of every feeling.
  19. September 19 Isn't there some further step than just this observation that you talk about?
  20. September 20 In total awareness there is no experiencer.
  21. September 21 I wonder how many of you are vitally conscious of this conflict in the battlefield of the mind.
  22. September 22 This conflict and struggle, this travail and battle with oneself and with one's neighbour, is it necessary for existence, for living?
  23. September 23 When you observe without accumulation, then there is no judgement.
  24. September 24 Is there such a thing as transformation? What is it to be transformed?
  25. September 25 Comfort is one thing, and truth another; they lead away from each other.
  26. September 26 It is futile to waste time over what another is thinking, or what you imagine he is thinking -
  27. September 27 In observation there is neither the observer nor the idea of observation.
  28. September 28 Self-knowledge is not a conclusion, an end; it has no beginning and no end.
  29. September 29 Religion, surely, is the uncovering of reality. Religion is not belief. Religion is not the search for truth.
  30. September 30 Why do we give such deep significance and meaning to the unconscious? - for after all, it is as trivial as the conscious.