Daily Quote Archives

March 2023
  1. March 01 The brain can only function effectively, objectively, rationally, if it has got complete security.
  2. March 02 The mere search for the solution of your problems is not going to free the mind from creating further problems.
  3. March 03 For the total development of the human being, solitude as a means of cultivating sensitivity becomes a necessity.
  4. March 04 Isn't praying for peace merely a particular form of emotional release?
  5. March 05 To transform, I must look at what is; and I am not looking at it as long as I have an ideal.
  6. March 06 Without innocence, it is impossible to be happy.
  7. March 07 Sex plays an extraordinarily important part in our lives because it is perhaps the only deep, firsthand experience we have.
  8. March 08 Knowledge is never complete, can never be complete.
  9. March 09 Awareness is not a matter of determination, for purposive direction is resistance, which tends towards exclusiveness.
  10. March 10 What we think, we are; but it is the understanding of the process of thought that is important.
  11. March 11 To see what is true demands total attention - not a forced attention, not the calculated, profitable attention of fear or gain.
  12. March 12 One never says. " Look, I am like this, let me find out why. Why does one have wounds, psychological bruises? Why does someone live with them?"
  13. March 13 Life is a battle of ideas, a battle of influences, and your mind is the field of the battle.
  14. March 14 One can describe the mountain, paint it, but the painting, the description is not the mountain.
  15. March 15 Is it possible for the human mind to change instantly?
  16. March 16 We are talking of denial without a motive - to renounce, to give up doing something, without a motive.
  17. March 17 Life is not merely the 'me' in action, but the life of the animal, the life of nature, the child begging in the street.
  18. March 18 For beauty to come into being, the mind must be choicelessly aware of its own pettiness;
  19. March 19 Have the teachings attributed to the great teachers - Christ, Buddha, Hermes and others - any value for the attainment of the direct path to truth?
  20. March 20 Time ceases when there is only 'what is'.
  21. March 21 The one who knows does not know; he can know only his own prejudices, his self-projected beliefs and sensory demands.