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Dec 25, 2022
"Must not a definite practice be adopted to put an end to this deterioration, this inefficiency and laziness of the mind?", asked the government official.

Practice or discipline implies an incentive, the gaining of an end; and isn't this a self-centred activity? Becoming virtuous is a process of self-interest, leading to respectability. When you cultivate in yourself a state of non-violence, you are still violent under a different name. Besides all this, there is another degenerating factor: effort, in all its subtle forms. This doesn't mean that one is advocating laziness.

"Good heavens, sir, you are certainly taking everything away from us!" exclaimed the official. "And when you take everything away, what's left of us? Nothing!"

Creativeness is not a process of becoming or achieving, but a state of being in which self-seeking effort is totally absent. When the self makes an effort to be absent, the self is present. All effort on the part of this complex thing called the mind must cease, without any motive or inducement.

"That means death doesn't it?"

Death to all that's known which is the 'me'. It is only when the totality of the mind is still, that the creative, the nameless, comes into being.

"What do you mean by the mind?", asked the artist.

The conscious as well as the unconscious; the hidden recesses of the heart as well as the educated bits.
Commentaries On Living Series III | Chapter 15 'Deterioration Of The Mind' Read full text