About Us

Originally created in 1998, Kinfonet was one of the first webites on the internet dedicated to Krisnamurti's teachings. Its goal is to create an online hub where people interested in Krishnamurti can meet. From the get-go, the site was designed to be international and create worldwide community.

Kinfonet is privately maintained and not directly affiliated with any of the official Krishnamurti Foundations. The project was initially sponsored by Krishnamurti Link International (KLI) - a small team of individuals from six countries, including Friedrich Grohe, who share a deep and ongoing interest in Krishnamurti.

The purpose of the site is threefold:

  • To facilitate active and meaningful engagement with Krishnamurti's teachings by providing features like the discussion forum.
  • To allow people who are interested in the teachings to come together - both online and in real-life - by maintaining an up-to-date list of Krishnamurti-related events, meetups, and resources.
  • To communicate the depth and beauty of Krishnamurti's message. This is accomplished by the careful curation of daily quotes, selected excerpts, and our newsletter editorials (sign up below).

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