Quote of the Day

Mar 17, 2023
Life is not merely the 'me' in action, but the life of the animal, the life of nature, the child begging in the street. How often do we look at a tree? Do you ever look at a tree or a flower? And when you do, is there a sense of reverence - not to the flower that is going to fade away, but to the beauty of the flower, to that strange thing that is life? This means really, the complete sense of being humble without any sense of begging. Then your mind in itself is still; then you do not have to see somebody who is still. And in that stillness there is no you and I, there is only stillness. And it is in that stillness you will find that there is respect, not in something but in itself.
Bombay, India | 8th Public Talk 4th March 1953 Read full text