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Apr 1, 2024
The religious mind isn't the mind that believes, that goes to church every day, or once a week; it isn't the mind that has a creed, that is bound by dogmas and superstitions. The religious mind is really a scientific mind - scientific in the sense that it is able to observe facts without distortion, to see itself as it is. To be free of one's conditioning requires, not a believing or an accepting mind, but a mind that is capable of observing itself rationally, sanely, and seeing the fact that unless there is a total breaking up of the psychological structure of society - which is the 'me' - there can be no innocency, and that without innocency, the mind can never be religious.

The religious mind is not fragmentary; it does not divide life into compartments. It comprehends the totality of life - the life of sorrow and pain, the life of joy and passing satisfactions. Being totally free from the psychological structure of ambition, greed, envy, competition, from all demand for the 'more', the religious mind is in a state of innocency; and it is only such a mind that can go beyond itself, not the mind that merely believes in a beyond, or that has some hypothesis about God.
Public Talk 7 London, England - 19 June 1962 Read full text