Daily Quote Archives

December 2023
  1. December 01 The self, the "me," is a network of complex desires, each desire having its own impetus and aim, often in opposition to other hopes and pursuits.
  2. December 02 Philosophy means love of truth, not love of thought.
  3. December 03 For me, revolution is synonymous with religion. I do not mean by the word 'revolution' immediate economic or social change; I mean a revolution in consciousness itself.
  4. December 04 The division between the living and dying is not miles apart, it is together.
  5. December 05 When one makes an effort to be good, decides to be good, in that very goodness is its opposite, which is evil.
  6. December 06 When you lose your relationship with nature and the vast heavens, you lose your relationship with man.
  7. December 07 Can the mind live, be vital, energetic, full of depth, without attachment? Of course it can.
  8. December 08 Death isn't some horrific thing, something to be avoided, something to be postponed, but rather something to be with day in and day out.
  9. December 09 Whatever you do is an activity of escape. That is the most essential thing to realize.
  10. December 10 The negation of all values, of all morality, of all beliefs, having no frontiers, cannot be in opposition to anything.
  11. December 11 A mind that has the power of concentration, that says it has complete control over thought, is a stupid mind.
  12. December 12 You cannot brush the past aside. It is there.
  13. December 13 The mind of the "me', in all its self-centred activity has created this emptiness, this isolation.
  14. December 14 You think you are the center of this beautiful earth.
  15. December 15 Meditation is seeing the constant touching the ever-changing movement of life.
  16. December 16 The more you are interested in something, the more your intention to understand, the more simple, clear, free the mind is.
  17. December 17 You have only one head, care for it, don't destroy it. It's so easy to poison it.
  18. December 18 We condemn others, and that very condemnation is a justification of ourselves.
  19. December 19 When there is no naming, only then is it possible to be fully aware of that which is called the void of loneliness.
  20. December 20 There is a vast difference between a preoccupied mind and an active mind.
  21. December 21 At all times, and especially now, there is need for transformation through vital experience;
  22. December 22 When we say, 'I see that I must not condemn', what do we mean by that word 'see'?
  23. December 23 Mere reformation of the pattern of society only alters the surface, it brings about a more respectable form of ambition.
  24. December 24 Sir, what is your idea of a new world?
  25. December 25 What can I do as a human being living in this chaotic misery, violence, and stupidity? What can I do?
  26. December 26 Can one see that the whole movement of this illusory memory, which appears so real, can end?
  27. December 27 Your business, your religion, your gods, your leaders, your political and economic actions, your escapes, your social activities, your joining one party and rejecting another - all that is emphasizing and giving strength to the 'me'.
  28. December 28 Freedom is born of the perception that freedom is essential.
  29. December 29 The observer is also the image, only he has separated himself and observes.
  30. December 30 It seems to me, that is what we need - a different kind of energy, a passion which is not mere stimulation, which does not depend on, which is not put together by, thought.
  31. December 31 Creativeness is not a process of becoming or achieving, but a state of being in which self-seeking effort is totally absent.