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Friendship House


Naalehu, Hawaii, 96772 United States View Map


Rabindra Singh
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+1 (808) 238-2152

About This Guest House

Friendship House was started as a small retreat  in 1995  and ran for many years before being closed.   It has since reopened  now that the founder is permanently settled  here after many years of extensive travel  to many Krishnamurti inspired initiatives  around the world.  The original intention was first to create a mini-oasis for ourselves to go deeply into the teachings and also invite others interested to discover along with us.  That has not changed. 

We offer here two guest cottages  to individuals interested in pursuing personal study of Krishnamurti's work.  Volunteers may also spend time here as we are in the process on increasing available places to stay.    For  more information, please make contact.