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For a long time I've had the idea that Krishnamurti’s teachings were of such vast significance that they deserved the widest possible study. They represented one of the broadest and deepest diagnosis of the human condition ever to come to light. Their insightful mirroring of our existence was not only timely in terms of the critical stage of our historical moment but in facing us with the deeper challenge at the very core of human consciousness. 

With this in mind, in 2016 I designed a programme of studies that became the basis for a seminar offering a comprehensive introduction to Krishnamurti’s life and teachings. This course of study was organised around the metaphor that Krishnamurti himself used to describe his teachings, namely as a reading of the book of life, which he also called the book of oneself, the book of humanity or even the book of time. This seminar proved to be very inspiring for the majority of those who took part. With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, this activity could no longer take place in-person and so we naturally thought of offering it online. 

This is to announce that we have finally managed to put the website together and you are all invited to visit:

Its main purpose is to offer this comprehensive overview and study of Krishnamurti’s life and teachings as a reading of the book of oneself, which is the book of humanity, which is the story of time as written in the book of consciousness. It is, first and foremost, a journey of self-knowledge and, as such, an encounter with oneself in the mirror of our universal humanity. 

Should you be interested in registering for the course, please make sure to read carefully through all the information about it on the website and to watch the introductory video. Be also aware that the course is intended to be taken as a unit, so there is not the option of choosing particular chapters in isolation. 

On this same website, you will also find a blog, in which I will be sharing a series of articles on a variety of themes, mostly by way of reflecting on the general implications of current events, but also exploring more personal challenges or concerns. 

A link to the YouTube channel will make available a series of video recordings of presentations and seminars on various aspects of this inquiry. 

There will be also a Newsletter in which periodically I will attempt to offer an overview of my activities as well as of the more universal themes playing out in the world. Subscription to the Newsletter is free. 

Friedrich’s Newsletter, which I have been editing and co-authoring with Mr. Grohe for the past several years, can be downloaded for free from the shop. For those of you who may not be aware of this annual publication,  Friedrich’s Newsletter, which this year is just called The Newsletter, serves as a forum for people in the international Krishnamurti network to share their questions, investigations, and activities. The quality of its content is greatly enhanced by Friedrich’s excellent nature photography. 

In the shop, I also offer a couple of my own publications for sale as a way to support the website. 

I am hoping that this virtual venture will serve to further the study of Krishnamurti’s teachings and the exploration of our own lives, as well as bring us together across these seemingly vast spaces in the one endeavour uniting us all, which is to understand ourselves and discover the way of wholeness and freedom.