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Krishnamurti: From the Start

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Every Thursday at 2:00 pm CDT Next date: Thu, May 30


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Dennis Fey
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About This Meetup

We will be begin by discussing a thematic compilation of early K material (1929-1932)–which copied texts have all long passed into the public domain–which I prepared years ago. It represents K’s first “experiments with words” immediately after the dissolution of the Order of the Star, toward as it were presenting the anatomy of consciousness. It has the vividness and strength of a kerygma, which seemed to lose its crispness as he entered into a markedly different dynamics of discourse with post World War II audiences, and so on. I believe you will find these excerpts unlike anything else currently in print by him. One little suggestion, if you will: when reading “Krishnamurti: Life & Individuality,” read it entirely, without stalling at any inner questions or long entertaining any apparent contradictions. Most of these will vanish by the time you have read it all.
As we engage this material, further texts (also in the public domain) may be provided to supply the full context in which the selections of the compilation emerged, thereby moving us into inquiring of and with “Krishnamurti: From the Start.”

Prospective participants may be reassured that I have a trustworthy and an unusually deep experience with early K material. Besides my own extensive personal collection and research, I was involved in the Complete Teachings Project from its beginning as a draft proposal in 2002. Additionally, I was once a unanimously accepted member by and for the Editorial Board of the Complete Teachings Project (in 2004, the only other KFA affiliated Editor other than Mark Lee); however, I am not presently part of KFA or the Project. Alas, I have long lost touch with many of those I knew personally or by correspondence, including other Editorial Board and Advisory Board members, Foundation Trustees, and founding members of regional K associations internationally, sadly several of whom are now gone. So many names, which I won’t give here, but will be happy to recall with affection in our meetup, if there is a constructive interest in that or other backstories.
Please contact me to see if this meetup is for you. We will convene via ZOOM. The next meetup date/time and frequency you see here is only tentative. It will be finalized once I hear from enough participants to get started.

I look forward to meeting and discussing with you all.

(Please correspond using the contact information appearing here; the contact information on the attached compilation is obsolete.)