SCHEDULE Every 4th Saturday

Right Action and the Self

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Every 4th Saturday at 3:30 pm EDT Next date: Sat, June 22


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Jay Fisher
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How do we learn about ourselves?

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Next Meeting: Saturday, 7/22/23 3:30 pm EDT (US), -4 UTC

Thoughts on the dialogue process:

Dialogue is an attempt to explore together profound problems of existence as they relate to our daily lives.  The focus of the dialogue group is not solely on the questions, but also on the moment in which each question arises, and on the whole thought/emotion/relational process with which the individual and the group engage the question.
In contrast to debate and discussion, dialogue is not a comparison of opinions or an attempt to convince another of a held conviction.
Dialogue is an inquiry.  Ideally, dialogue begins with “I don’t know” and continues to move into the unknown where the subject gradually reveals itself. 

The movement is in the back and forth of questioning, not in an attempt to grasp an answer, but to reveal and sweep away that which is not true.  A slow pace, a deep and respectful listening to one’s own thoughts and reactions as well as to the person speaking, may put our questions and opinions in a new light.  In this new light we may perceive more clearly."

~ Silver Spring Dialogue Group Statement on Dialogue