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A Conversation Between Two Friends

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Every Tuesday at 10:30 am PST Next date: Tue, December 12


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Jackie McInley
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+44 7342 351485

About This Meetup

Some prefer one-to-one inquiry to group dialogue.

Here, as two friends, we can explore any genuine issues from daily life without the interactive ‘weight’ of a larger number of people.

Our starting point is not what we already know about these issues, but what might be revealed in observation. When one person thinks they know how (and imagines they can help the other), real investigation evaporates.

Together we agree on the times and dates of these individual sessions.
Payment is on donation.

“ You and the speaker, as two friends walking down a lane… are talking about all these things. Neither of them are imposing their ideas on the other, there is no sense of authority - among friends there is no authority. Among friends there is not only sympathy, friendship, affection, but a sense of investigation. And there can be investigation when there is not only freedom from all bias, prejudice, but also a sense of wanting to understand the whole business of human existence. These two friends are communicating with each other. That's our relationship”  J. Krishnamurti