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A Conversation Between Two Friends

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Every Tuesday at 10:30 am BST Next date: Tue, June 4


Online meetup


Jackie McInley
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+44 7342 351485

About This Meetup

One-On-One Dialogue Worldwide

Here, as two friends, we can explore any genuine issues from daily life without the interactive ‘weight’ of a larger number of people.

Our starting point is not what we already know about these issues, but what might be revealed in observation. When one person thinks they know how (and imagines they can help the other), real investigation can evaporate.

Feel free to contact to find out more or to book a conversation online.

Together we agree on the times and dates of the dialogue sessions. As this is a worldwide online event, please state your world time zone & availability times. Thank you!

In exchange for these sessions, please offer a donation of your choice to support the work of Open Door.

Open Door organises and provides an opportunity for international programs around serious self inquiry and dialogue.

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