May 12

What Is Our Relationship With Nature?

Date and Time

May 12 - 14 2023 UTC


The Krishnamurti Centre, Brockwood Park Bramdean, SO24 0LQ United Kingdom View Map


Ana Gomes
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+44 1962 771748

About This Event

Krishnamurti said, ‘Understanding one’s relationship with nature is as difficult as understanding one’s relationship with one’s neighbour, wife, husband, or children. But we have not given thought to it; we have not sat down to look at the stars, the moon or the trees. We are too busy with social or political activities.’ How can we understand our relationship to nature in the face of the current situation? The climate crisis has increased concerns and social protests all around the world. Is this crisis the fruit of our utilitarian use of nature and an expression of our lack of harmony with the natural world?