Feb 20

Awakening to the Unburdened Mind

Date and Time

February 20 - 26 2023 PST


Krishnamurti Center, 1070 McAndrew Rd OJAI, California, 93023-8314 United States View Map


Krishnamurti Center Ojai
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Awakening to the Unburdened Mind
Living in the Timeless Dimension of Freedom and Love
February 19-26, 2023, Sunday to Sunday

This Exploration Into Freedom Intensive Retreat is a special invitation, honoring new participants and those who have only attended one of these Intensive Retreats before.This is an opportunity for anyone who has been exposed to Krishnamurti’s teachings through his books or videos to take the next important step into a deeper dimension of what he is pointing to, a transformation of human consciousness and a profound realization of the unburdened mind beyond conflict and fear.

Krishnamurti’s urgent message of bringing about a transformation of human consciousness seems more prescient now then ever as we try to confront the challenges of a world in crisis, including changes in the earth, the polarization of beliefs, and the rise in conflict and fragmentation of society.

The Awakening to the Unburdened Mind Intensive Retreat takes us on a fascinating journey into the core of the potentially life-changing teachings of Krishnamurti. With the help of fresh and powerful energies released directly through the in-person sharing of insights together, we can dive deeply into the otherwise unaccessible hidden regions of the mind.

The levels of penetrating inquiry possible through our shared in-person dialogical explorations help us to discover for ourselves where the distortions in our current highly conditioned consciousness begin to impact on our thinking. This can help to liberate us from these old dead patterns of thinking so that new dimensions in perception can flower.

Through these explorations, we are cleansing the mind of its distortions, revealing hidden operations, freeing the mind of any inner-resistance we may have unconsciously accumulated that limits our perception from taking flight into the unknown and the intense joy in being alive.

If you have ever wondered what participating in a week-long, fully immersive, in-person exploration into the heart of Krishnamurti’s teachings can mean for you, the Awakening of the Unburdened Mind Intensive Retreat can be the perfect gathering of like-minded people to discover something new.

Please join us to find out how far this inspired journey of self-discovery, the illuminating power of ‘insight’, and the direct perception of ‘listening and seeing’ can take us.

Our work together takes place on the grounds of the Krishnamurti Center, where Krishnamurti lived and wrote, surrounded and protected by the sacred mountains and energy of the spiritually alive Ojai valley.

Please join us in an atmosphere of affection, sensitivity and helpful support, creating the perfect ground for deep insight and friendship to flower.


Richard Waxberg and Deborah Kerner
live in Ojai, California. They moved to Ojai in 2004 by invitation to create and begin facilitating the Explorations into Freedom Intensive Retreats for the Krishnamurti Foundation of America. They offer three 8-day retreats each year at the Krishnamurti Center in Ojai, in February, June and October. They have also facilitated retreats in British Columbia, Canada and Denmark.

They are both practicing artists. Richard plays the Japanese Shakuhachi flute. Deborah is also a published poet. Both Richard and Deborah had successful careers in New York City as designers. Richard taught art and design, aesthetics and art history at the prestigious Parsons School of Design.

They left their lives in New York City to begin a new spiritual life, taking up the challenge Krishnamurti proposed of stepping ‘out of time’, stepping out of the limited and conflictual ‘me-centered’ consciousness. Their journey took them to Ojai, California to continue their studies of Krishnamurti’s teachings, and to India where they taught several art and design courses for a full school year at the Rishi Valley School in rural Andra Pradesh, a school based on Krishnamurti’s teachings located near his birthplace.

During their year of teaching at the Rishi Valley School, Richard and Deborah also traveled to 4 Krishnamurti schools throughout India, to participate in dialogues with teachers and staff on what it means for students to experience an education based on Krishnamurti’s teachings.

As part of their earlier spiritual work, they studied Native American shamanic practices for 12 years with 3 traditional Native American elders before discovering the profound life-changing teachings of J.Krishnamurti. It was during these studies that they learned the importance of gathering, storing and releasing energy as an essential part of spiritually transformational work.

They continue exploring current studies and observations on human consciousness that reflect Krishnamurti’s profound message of transformation, freedom, and love.