Mar 22

Awakening the Timeless Source of Wisdom

Date and Time

March 22 - 26 2023 CEST


La Maison, 25 rue Saint Léger Beaumont-la-Ferrière, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, 58700 France View Map


Martine Gernez
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About This Event

A Meditative Self-inquiry Retreat (with French translations) in Beaumont la Ferrière, Central France
22- 26 March 2023

“Awareness is the silent and choiceless observation of what is.”   - J. Krishnamurti 
In these few words Krishnamurti sums up what may be our process of investigation into the dimension of pure awareness existentially, and how it is directly related to the timeless source of wisdom. In the course of this first retreat - in a series of four this year -  we propose to meditate and dialogue upon the following questions :                                                                                             
  •  In what way and to what extent is pure awareness different from our usual, everyday state of consciousness, from thinking and intellectual activity? 
  • Is it a static state or rather a dynamic process, as the word 'observation' seems to imply? 
  • What may be this silent, choiceless quality of observation?
  • What is its relationship with pure observation, love and inner peace? 
  • What is meant by "what is" - the "fact"?
  • How can awareness support us in meeting our emotional nature and the turmoil around us, and allow us to live with some measure of wisdom?
  • And many more questions related to life and awareness. 

This retreat offers a restful break, a pause for the mind, body and heart that is essential as a foundation for deep learning and transformation. The intention is not to fill our minds with intellectual knowledge but to awaken the profound source of being within, so that we get inspired to live our everyday life from the wellspring of inner stillness. The program includes: inspiring live talks,
ONE OF THE MAIN HIGHLIGHTS OF THE RETREAT IS “MEDITATIVE DIALOGUE AND SELF-INQUIRY.” What we learn here is that a deep dialogue is not an intellectual process of discussion or exchange of lot of words where ego-mind is the centre-stage but it can be a compassionate meditative process of self-discovery where words carry the quality of silence and affection as they arise not from the noise of the ego-mind but from a deeper space of wonder and love. The retreat offers a safe, serious, and caring space to discover ourselves, meet our deep essence and look at our whole life in a fresh, creative way, whether we are a seeker, a mindfulness practitioner, a coach, a therapist, an artist, a teacher, a professional from any field, a leader or simply a student of life.
Mukesh Gupta is going to facilitate this retreat. He is a worldwide frequently invited expert lecturer and facilitator for retreats, workshops and seminars. He has been on this meditative and transformative journey for more than two decades, inspired by the teachings of J.Krishnamurti. His approach is primarily based on the direct perception of existential questions from a non-reactive still mind and an affectionate attentive presence. He is also the founder of the School for Self-Inquiry. He sees that a deep non-authoritarian meditative process of self-inquiry based on deep listening, looking, and compassion is essential to bring transformation, peace and harmony in one’s daily life and in society
La Maison, 25 rue Saint Léger, 58700 Beaumont La Ferrière.
It is a large and beautiful mansion situated 2.30 hours from Paris in a lovely  ancient village, close to the immense Bertranges forest, 18 kms from La Charité-sur-Loire railway station. 
Arrival : Wednesday 22 March 2023 from 5.00 pm 
Departure : Sunday 26 March after lunch
Charges (all inclusive) : 360€ single person, 635€ for a couple,
In case of problems (financial difficulties, partial time unavailibility, handicap) please contact us for a solution.
For your reservation, please leave a deposit of 100€ before 15 February
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