Jan 28

A New Mind

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January 28 - 30 2022 PST


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Ralph Tiller
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“We are concerned with a deep, psychological revolution, an explosion at the very root of our being, because everything around us has failed…The problem then is: is it possible for a mind that has been so conditioned to break away from itself and thereby bring about a new mind?”
-J. Krishnamurti, Collected Works Vol. 14

When we are living only at the level of thinking, memory and the past, life becomes heavy, a kind of prison and a field of suffering for oneself and people around us. Stepping out of this conditioned field of the past is essential to discover a new mind and heart, a true freedom and the essence of life. Learning about oneself through compassionate non-judgmental self-inquiry and holistic deep awareness is the basis of this new mind.

The retreat is anchored by Mukesh Gupta who is an international speaker and a facilitator for transformational dialogues, retreats and workshops inspired by the teachings of J. Krishnamurti. He is the founder of School For Self Inquiry 
In this retreat we are going to explore experientially questions which are directly related to our everyday life and challenges. What is a new mind and how can we let go the old mind? How to face the fact of being stuck in a grove or a habitual pattern and unblock oneself? What is transformation and what can facilitate it in our daily life?
This retreat offers a meditative space to come together as friends and co-learners in order to explore fundamental questions of our daily living in a relaxed, listening and affectionate atmosphere. The daily program will include: meditations, introductory talks, experiments, meditative self-inquiry, dialogues and one-to-one sessions.
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