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Jul 27

Online Study Program: Krishnamurti and His Teachings

Date and Time

July 27 - 31 2020


Online event

Contact Information
Gianni Garubo
+1 (510) 529-1148

About This Event

What was Krishnamurti talking about? What do his teachings convey? Some of what he said can be very confounding the first several times we hear them.

What did he mean when he said that “Truth is a pathless land,” or  “The observer is the observed,” or that “You are the world”? We will discuss and understand these concepts during the retreat. The challenge then will no longer be understanding the message, the tenets of these teachings, rather the challenge will rest in its proper place, where, as Krishnamurti said, “The challenge is you.”
Krishnamurti’s teachings are extremely relevant in today’s world as we experience events together, en masse, linked through the vast information networks. Whether it is Covid-19, or social injustice or environmental destruction, et al., these societal movements have an underlying personal root; thereby, when Krishnamurti asks us “Why don’t you change?” he is not referring to society at large but to each one of us, and he directs us to the root, the origin of conflict rather than its individual expressions. What is the root of conflict?
He stated in 1929 that his only concern was to set humankind absolutely, unconditionally free. And freedom is perhaps the most important word we need to understand in terms of Krishnamurti’s teachings, it is at the same time his message, his method, and his truth. “Freedom is at the very first step.” We will understand the core of this teaching and go beyond the word into the dynamic of relationship related to freedom. “To be is to be related,” he said, but what is it that is relating?
We will zoom in each day for a 3-hour session (from 2:30pm - 5:30pm Pacific Time) that will include but not be limited to discussion/dialogue, some short pithy video clips and short excepts from texts. The program fee is $100.
Bring your questions and concerns.