Jul 22

The Ending of Time

Date and Time

July 22 - 25 2021 PDT


Online event


Ralph Tiller
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About This Event

“The Ending of Time” is one of the groundbreaking books containing dialogues between J. Krishnamurti and the well-known theoretical physicist Dr. David Bohm. 

In this workshop, which is hosted by the Krishnamurti Educational Centre Canada, we are going to explore some key insights emerging from these dialogues which are challenging and probing the most fundamental questions concerning human existence. 
The workshop will be conducted by Mukesh Gupta. It is not a prerequisite to read the book in advance. The gist of the dialogues will be shared in introductory talks which will be followed by open inquiry sessions. Each of the four 90 minute Zoom sessions will focus on a key theme: 
 DAY 1: The Roots of Psychological Conflict & Cleansing the Mind of the Accumulation of Time 
 DAY 2: Why Has Man Given Supreme Importance to Thought? 
 DAY 3: Can Insight Bring About a Mutation of the Brain Cells? 
 DAY 4: Death Has Very Little Meaning 
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