Sep 02

Discovering The Essence of Life

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September 2 - 11 2022 CEST


route de Pont-de-Nant 8 Les Plans-sur-Bex, Genève, 1880 Switzerland View Map


Bernard Pulfer
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+41 79 607 80 65

About This Event

“It seems to me essential to find out the essence of life, and to function from there. We are going to discover for ourselves the essence, the truth, and not be caught in the symbol or the word. " - J. Krishnamurti The Nature of the New Mind

As human beings we all wish to live life with joy, peace, love and creativity. Only when we come in contact with our true essence, our inner song, we start to live life with fullness. When we are living mostly driven by our past baggage, life becomes heavy and a field of suffering. Stepping out of this conditioned field of suffering is essential to discover the true freedom, love and beauty of life. Do we ever come in contact with the deep essence of life which is perhaps beyond the reach of thought? Have we lost touch with something simple, innocent, vibrant and beautiful? Have we stopped growing or flowering inwardly? Do we feel a kind of stagnation in our life, work and relationships? Living is a great art which needs to be learnt with deep interest, sincerity and passion.  These are some of the vital questions that we are going to explore in the retreat inspired by the teachings of J. Krishnamurti. The retreat offer a precious opportunity to go on a journey of self-knowledge, inner transformation and discovering the essence of life.
This retreat is an invitation for a deep spirit of togetherness without any hierarchy, where each participant is sharing the responsibility of this inner journey of exploration. Mukesh Gupta from Varanasi, India is going to anchor and hold this retreat as one of the friends along with Bernard Pulfer, who runs the Riversong.
Mukesh is a worldwide frequently invited speaker and facilitator for retreats, workshops and seminars. He has been on this meditative and transformative journey for more than two decades, inspired by the teachings of J. Krishnamurti. His approach is primarily based on the direct perception of existential questions from a non-reactive still mind and an affectionate attentive presence. He is also the founder of the School for Self-Inquiry.
The daily program of the retreat will include inspiring live talks, meditative self-inquiry sessions and dialogues, meditations, experiments in small groups/couples, walks/hiking in nature. At the end of each day we will sit together and review the whole day. In this way we will walk together while remaining connected with our hearts, minds, bodies and the inner space. We will live and build together the atmosphere of this retreat and support each other with gentleness, care and sensitivity. 
This retreat is open for everyone who is interested in going deeper into the journey of self-discovery and transformation. In whatever field you maybe working, whether you are a professional, a coach, a therapist, an artist, a teacher, a seeker or simply a student of life, this retreat offers a safe, gentle and caring space to slow down, relook at one’s life and open up for a new-fresh energy.
Riversong is nestled in a small beautiful village called Les Plans in the Alps of Switzerland, not far from Lausanne and about two hours from Geneva International airport. A perfect place to take a complete break and immerse in the natural beauty and oneself. The place has revived an age-old Swiss tradition of healing hot baths containing special salts and minerals. People have the option to attend the retreat for the full week/ on week days/ on weekend. Charges including stay, all the vegetarian meals and the program (salt-mineral baths not included): 
Price description for regular participants: 
For weekends: Friday from 6 pm - Sunday till 3 pm: 320 ChFr 
For weekdays: Monday from 6 pm - Friday till 2 pm: 640 ChFr
Price description for helpers doing a service retreat:
50% concession in the price. They arrive by 3 pm on the beginning day of the retreat and finish at 5 pm on the last day of the retreat. They are required to work for two hours per day.
Bed sheets optional: ChFr 15 
For reservation contact Bernard at:
Phone: 00 41 79 607 80 65 or 00 41 24 524 15 40
Address: Riversong - 1880 Les Plans-sur-Bex - 
route de Pont-de-Nant 8 - Switzerland