Sep 16

The House is on Fire!

Date and Time

September 16 - 20 2024 PDT


Online event


Krishnamurti Center Ojai
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The house is on fire, not only your little house but the house of your neighbor whether he is ten thousand miles away or just beyond the hedge. The world is on fire, and you must do something… J. Krishnamurti

When I inquire, am I aware that my “house is on fire”? When we meet up in our online group, do we have any real sense that “the world is on fire”? As we dialogue together, do we stay in our comfort zones, and casually communicate from within the apparent safe space of our conditioned mind?

I see that fear, conflict, division and sorrow is holding the world in its grip. But what I am to do? I might feel helpless both to solve my own problems, as well as those of the world…

What will generate a “fire” of resolution - a passion - to change? What will make our very inquiry, imperative?

Daily online sessions:  10:00am-12:30pm PACIFIC TIME