Jun 22

2024 Mürren International Gathering

Date and Time

June 22 - July 6 2024 CEST


Hotel Sportchalet Mürren, Bern, 3825 Switzerland View Map


Claire Dufour
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About This Event

2024 Mürren International Gathering
around the work of J. Krishnamurti
Saturday 22 June – Saturday 6 July 2024
at hotel Sportchalet Mürren
Mürren (alt. 1650m) – above the Lauterbrunnen Valley near
Interlaken in Switzerland – is a car-free mountain village with
beautiful walks overlooking the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.
Book for one or two weeks.
For a shorter stay, please take other accommodation in Mürren
– you will still share all activities and meals.
Reflecting on selected recordings of talks and dialogues by J. Krishnamurti
This year's themes - Week 1: Truth comes when there is total order
                                 - Week 2: Why don't we change?
Questioning, exploring, participating in dialogues
Gentle physical exercises proposed by participants
Hiking in beautiful mountains 
Free time
An atmosphere of friendliness, seriousness and silence contributes
to the quality of inquiry. There is no authority and no goal to reach.
Costs per week
CHF 640 per person for accommodation with shared bathrooms on each floor
and full board (light lunch). Free entrance to the Sports Centre swimming pool.
Plus CHF 100 per week for the organisation, due also from those staying elsewhere.
Please make even tentative reservations as soon as possible
via Claire Dufour : claratolo@gmail.com
Bookings will be confirmed and finalised by 30 March.
Check ch.ch (5 languages) for requirements on entering Switzerland.
We recommend you carry a European Health Insurance Card or travel insurance.
Mürren or Mürren BLM stations can be reached by cableway and train only.
For schedules, go to sbb.ch (4 languages).
Sportchalet Mürren is a few minutes’ walk from both stations.
Do bring clothing for hot, cold, and wet weather, and good hiking boots.
The nearest airport is Bern but it has very few international flights.
Therefore, the main gateway airport is Zurich.
“If you do not change now, your future will be the same. This is logical.”
Krishnamurti on Dialogue
from Talk 10, Saanen, Switzerland, 1 August 1965
In a few days we are going to have discussions, and we can start those discussions this morning. But if you assert and I assert, if you stick to your opinion, to your dogma, to your experience, to your knowledge, and I stick to mine, then there can be no real discussion because neither of us is free to inquire. To discuss is not to share our experiences with each other. There is no sharing at all. There is only the beauty of truth, which neither you nor I can possess. It is simply there.
To discuss intelligently, there must also be a quality not only of affection but of hesitation. You know, unless you hesitate, you can't inquire. Inquiry means hesitating, finding out for yourself, discovering step by step. And when you do that, then you need not follow anybody, you need not ask for correction or for confirmation of your discovery. But all this demands a great deal of intelligence and sensitivity.
By saying that, I hope I have not stopped you from asking questions! You know, this is like talking things over together as two friends. We are neither asserting nor seeking to dominate each other, but each is talking easily, affably, in an atmosphere of friendly companionship, trying to discover. And in that state of mind we do discover, but I assure you what we discover has very little importance. The important thing is to discover, and after discovering, to keep going. It is detrimental to stay with what you have discovered, for then your mind is closed, finished. But if you die to what you have discovered the moment you have discovered it, then you can flow like the stream, like a river that has an abundance of water.