Feb 23


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February 23 - 25 2024 PST


Ojai, California United States View Map


Krishnamurti Center Ojai
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Are we aware that we are in crisis?

We might be aware of a crisis outwardly in the world: economic crisis, climate crisis and the education crisis for example. But do we see that there is a crisis inwardly, psychologically: a crisis within ourselves?

In our weekend intensive we shall be questioning what this psychological crisis might be. Why is it, that we don’t seem to be at all awake to the actuality of this predicament?

It will also be necessary for us to deep dive into the evidence of this crisis, seen directly in ourselves: otherwise our investigation will remain merely intellectual and there can be no real change or any real insight into this issue.

In our inquiry together, we will need to face the resistance that our mind activates – impatience to find solutions, attachment to our ideas and conclusions – staying with safe thinking rather than opening to new perceptions.

Deeper still, can we face fear itself? Can we acknowledge within ourselves, a sense of sorrow? Is it possible to navigate and feel the journey into our actual reactions to life, as well as our relationship with each other?

“ The crisis is there. The crisis is not in the world, it is not the nuclear war, it is not the terrible divisions and the brutality that is going on. The crisis is in our consciousness, the crisis is what we are, what we have become.”
― Jiddu Krishnamurti


Jackie McInley
founded and ran an independent Krishnamurti centre called Open Door in Southern France from 2004 until 2013 – hosting monthly inquiry weekends and annual international gatherings in French and English. She organized an experimental David Bohm bi-monthly dialogue meeting for 4 years in a local market town, and later a Krishnamurti dialogue group in the city of Toulouse.

A former self-employed, foreign language and theatre teacher by profession (schools, higher education and business), she now organises and facilitates inquiry events, gatherings and retreats in a variety of countries and cultures around the world. She also visits, facilitates dialogues and gives talks in the Krishnamurti Foundations, centres & schools in USA, UK and India.

Jackie does not follow any particular spiritual teaching but is deeply interested in the investigative talks & dialogues of J.Krishnamurti as a mirror and friend to her own constant inner inquiry.