May 27

4th Saturday Right Action and the Self Dialogue

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May 27
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM EDT


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Jay Fisher
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What Do Honesty and Self Knowledge Require?
Right Action and the Self 4th Saturday Dialogue

Sat., 5/27/23
3:30 pm ET US

So, before we can find out what the end purpose of life is, what it all means - wars, national antagonisms, conflicts, the whole mess - surely, we must begin with ourselves, must we not? It sounds so simple, but it is extremely difficult. Because, to follow oneself, to see how one's thought operates, one has to be extraordinarily alert: so that, as one begins to be more and more alert to the intricacies of one's own thinking and responses and feelings, one begins to have a greater awareness, not only of oneself, but of another with whom one is in relationship. To know oneself, is to study oneself in action, which is relationship. But, the difficulty is that we are so impatient; we want to get on, we want to reach an end. And so we have neither the time nor the occasion, to give ourselves the opportunity, to study, to observe. Public Talk 1 Ojai, CA. USA. 16 July 1949

You are the centre of various sometimes contradictory activities, of various thoughts, feelings and desires which are always in opposition to each other. Which is the honest desire or thought and which is not? These are not mere rhetorical questions or clever arguments. It is very important to find out what it means to be totally honest, because we are going to deal with insight and the immediacy of action. It is utterly important, if we would grasp the depth of meaning of insight, to have the quality of complete integrity, to have that integrity which is the honesty of the whole. “The Whole Movement of Life is Learning.” Chapter 16