Aug 25

What Is Learning?

Date and Time

August 25 - 28 2023 UTC


The Krishnamurti Centre, Brockwood Park Bramdean, SO24 0LQ United Kingdom View Map


Ana Gomes
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+44 1962 771748

About This Event

Give a dog food, ring a bell at the same time, and soon the dog will salivate when it hears the bell. This we call learned or conditioned behaviour. Its axis is pain and pleasure, reward and punishment, the carrot and the stick. For all its sophisticated overlay, our behaviour is as conditioned as the dog’s – it is associative, time-bound, tied to memory, and once in place, it works automatically. Is there a way of learning which is not this? Over several sessions, we shall explore the possibility of a shift to a different level of awareness and hence behaviour.