Daily Quote Archives

August 2023
  1. August 01 Most of us want to be occupied; otherwise we shall feel lost, otherwise we do not know what to do, we will be lonely, we will be confronted with what we actually are.
  2. August 02 If you are really listening, then time ceases.
  3. August 03 There is a state of relationship in which the 'me' is not, which is not Utopia, which is not a thing dreamt about, or a mystical, nonsensical experience, but something that can be actually done
  4. August 04 Can we be free of the non-fact and live with facts, and transform the facts?
  5. August 05 We have no love - that is a terrible thing to realize.
  6. August 06 A mind that is capable of measuring is capable also of illusion
  7. August 07 A religious mind demands diligence to be precise, to be accurate, objectively and inwardly, so that there is no illusion, no deception, total integrity.
  8. August 08 You must approach the problem with a clear synthetic mind, free from prejudice, vanity and superstition -
  9. August 09 It requires an intense energy to stand alone.
  10. August 10 Freedom cannot possibly exist when there is any form of dependency.
  11. August 11 The bliss which the mind seeks is not found through its seeking, nor does it lie in faith.
  12. August 12 As long as we are looking for transformation, there will be no transformation.
  13. August 13 The mind is, after all, the result of many thousands of yesterdays; and being itself the result of time it always thinks in terms of yesterday, today and tomorrow.
  14. August 14 Tolerance is a civilized acceptance of the division between people.
  15. August 15 As long as mind is caught up in belief, there is no understanding, there is no freedom.
  16. August 16 Sorrow cannot be put away or be resolved through time, nor can love be invited through time.
  17. August 17 The complete stillness of the brain is an extraordinary thing; it is highly sensitive, vigorous, fully alive, aware of every outward movement but utterly still.
  18. August 18 The other day someone said that he was a "Krishnamurti-ite," whereas so-and-so belonged to another group.
  19. August 19 What is it all about? Our life.
  20. August 20 The sadness of life is this - the emptiness that we try to fill with every conceivable trick of the mind.
  21. August 21 Consciously or unconsciously we refuse to see the essentiality of being passively aware because we do not really want to let go of our problems;
  22. August 22 I think it is very necessary that you and I should not merely either accept or refute anything I am going to suggest.
  23. August 23 Truth is in the silent observation of what is, and it is truth that transforms what is.
  24. August 24 The moment you become aware of poison, the poison ceases to be a problem to you.
  25. August 25 There is no essential difference between the old and the young, for both are slaves to their own desires and gratifications.
  26. August 26 Time, psychologically, is the enemy of man.
  27. August 27 The state of mind that has decided to observe is not observation at all.
  28. August 28 When you realize the truth that it is only the quiet mind that sees, then the mind becomes extraordinarily quiet.
  29. August 29 Isolation is the way of the self, and all activity of the self brings conflict and sorrow.
  30. August 30 Is it not primarily the gratification that each one is seeking that makes the mind superficial?
  31. August 31 Sincerity can never be simple; sincerity is the breeding ground of the will, and will cannot uncover the ways of the self.