Daily Quote Archives

February 2023
  1. February 01 I hesitate to say this because it sounds extravagant and rather childish: that the source of all energy had been reached.
  2. February 02 What a strange thing is loneliness, and how frightening it is!
  3. February 03 There was no observer listening, pitying, and walking behind them. He was not part of them out of love and pity; he was them.
  4. February 04 Can the mind move from the known - not into the unknown, I don't know what that means - but be free and move away from the borders of the known?
  5. February 05 ...when knowledge interferes in the discovery of the new, there is no discovery of the new.
  6. February 06 All influence limits the mind.
  7. February 07 The 'me' is created by thought and the 'me' says: "I am independent of thought".
  8. February 08 Two images come into contact, and that is what we call relationship.
  9. February 09 It is only when the mind is silent that we can understand anything
  10. February 10 Corruption runs right through human life, and very few are free of it.
  11. February 11 Karma is not an ever enduring chain; it's a chain that can be broken at any time.
  12. February 12 I have no belief and I have no tradition.
  13. February 13 I know this is very difficult to understand, sirs, because for most of us life is based on experience.
  14. February 14 When there is that great attentive observation, the thing that you are observing undergoes a change.
  15. February 15 Renunciation to gain an end is barter; in it there is no giving up, but only exchange.
  16. February 16 What happens to a mind that lives on books - which we are all doing, not only in the schools, colleges and universities, but also religiously?
  17. February 17 Is it possible to observe myself each moment as though as it was fresh?
  18. February 18 We are always trying to identify ourselves with our race, with our culture, with those things which we believe in, with some mystical figure, or some saviour, some kind of super authority.
  19. February 19 To discover in every moment of daily life what is true and what is false is meditation.
  20. February 20 What is meditation? Why should one meditate? To find that out, stop meditating.
  21. February 21 Intelligence will always act sanely and rationally in dealing with desire.
  22. February 22 Enlightenment is where you are.
  23. February 23 In the life we we generally lead there is very little solitude.
  24. February 24 Is there anything new in your teaching?
  25. February 25 War is the spectacular and bloody projection of our everyday living.
  26. February 26 It is only the innocent mind that can be spontaneous.
  27. February 27 An efficient mind in the world of thought, is a tyrant.
  28. February 28 As long as we go on climbing the ladder of success, there will always be the sick and the unfed.