Krishnamurti Quote of the Day

Jul 21, 2020
These gatherings have been going on in Saanen for twenty-five years. A great deal of our life. And, if one may ask the question of you, what remains at the end of it all, what is the content of our life? Is there any breaking of the pattern? Or is the pattern or mould being repeated over and over and over again? One's constant concentrated habits seem so difficult to break - the habit of thought, the habit of one's everyday life. When we look at all that after twenty-five years, is there a breaking of that pattern in which we live? Or do we just carry on day after day, adding a little more, taking away a little more, and at the end of one's existence feeling regret that one has not lived differently? Is this the process we are going through? I am asking the question: what is it all about? Our life. All the appalling things that are happening around us, far away from this lovely land? Where are we as individuals in this whole pattern of existence? What is the residue that remains in the sieve? What remains in us? Are we aware of what is happening to us in our daily thought, aware of every emotion, reaction, response, habit? Or is it just flowing by like a river?
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