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Oct 6, 2021
We were talking the other day in New York, and there was a man, a doctor, I believe he was very well known. He said, all these questions are all right, sir, but the fundamental issue is whether the brain cells, which have been conditioned, can really bring about a mutation in themselves. Then the whole thing is simple. You understand? I said, it is possible only through insight. And we went into it, as we have gone into it now. You see nobody is willing to listen to this in its entirety, they listen partially - agree in the sense, go together up to a certain distance, and stop there. If man really says, I must have peace in the world, therefore I must live peacefully then there is peace in the world. But he doesn't want to live in peace, he does everything opposite to that - his ambition, his arrogance, his silly petty fears and all that.

So we have reduced the vastness of all this to some petty little reactions. Do you realize that, Pupul? And so we live such petty lives. I mean this applies from the highest to the lowest.
Brockwood Park, England | 2nd Conversation With Pupul Jayakar 1983 Read full text