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May 31, 2024
Questioner: Sir, can love have an object?

Krishnamurti: Who is asking the question? Thought or love? Love is not asking this question. When you love, you love! - you do not ask, 'Is there an object, or no object, is it personal or impersonal?'. Oh, you do not know what is means, the beauty of it! Our love, as it is, is such a trial; our relationship with each other is such a conflict. Our love is based on your image of me and my image of you. Look at it very carefully, at the relationship between these two isolated images which say to each other, 'We love'. The images are the product of the past, of memories, memories of what you said to me and I said to you; and this relationship between the two images must inevitably be an isolating process. That is what we call relationship. To be related means to be in contact not merely physically which is not possible when there is an image, when there is the self-isolating process of thought, which is the 'me', and the 'you'. We say: 'Has love an object? Or is love divine or profane?, - you follow? Sir, when you love, you are neither giving nor receiving.
Saanen, Switzerland | 6th Public Talk, 28th July 1970 Read full text