Quote of the Day

May 23, 2023
“May I ask just one question?” put in one of the others. “In what manner should one live one’s daily life?”

As though one were living for that single day, for that single hour. 


If you had only one hour to live, what would you do? 

“I really don’t know,” he replied anxiously.

Would you not arrange what is necessary outwardly, your affairs, your will, and so on? Would you not call your family and friends together and ask their forgiveness for the harm that you might have done to them, and forgive them for whatever harm they might have done to you? Would you not die completely to the things of the mind, to desires and to the world? And if it can be done for an hour then it can also be done for the days and years that may remain.

“Is such a thing really possible, sir?”

Try it and you will find out.
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