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Feb 4, 2024
Krishnamurti: And one morning, one night in Rishi Valley I woke up - a series of incidents had taken place, meditation for some days - I woke up one night, in the middle of the night, it was really a quarter past twelve, I looked at the watch. And I hesitate to say this because it sounds extravagant and rather childish: that the source of all energy had been reached. And that had an extraordinary effect on the brain, and also physically. Sorry to talk about myself but you understand. Wait a minute, I don't mind now I am in it. And literally any sense of the world and me and that - you follow? - there was no division at all only this sense of tremendous source of energy. I don't know if I am conveying it.

David Bohm: So the brain was in contact with this source of energy?

Krishnamurti: Yes. Now, coming down to earth, as I have been talking for sixty years, I'd like to, not help, I'd like another to reach this - no, not reach it - you understand what I am saying? Because all our problems are resolved, political, religious, every problem is resolved because it is pure energy from the very beginning of time. Now how am I - not I, you understand - how is one to - not teach, not help, not push, pressure - how is one to say, 'This way leads to a complete sense of peace, love and all that'? I am sorry to use all these words. Sir, you have it sir, suppose you have come to that point and your brain itself is throbbing with it, how would you help me? You understand? Not words, how would you help me to come to that?
The Ending of Time | 1st Conversation with David Bohm 1st April, 1980