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Nov 26, 2023
Time ceases when there is only 'what is'. You understand? You understand, when I... when one is violent, time is necessary to become non-violent. Right? But when there is only violence and not its opposite, there is no time. I wonder if you get this. (Laughs) It's up to you.

So, time is a movement. Movement implies not only time but thought - right? - going from here to there. All movement of thought is time. Right? All movement of thought is measure and time. Are we moving? No, this is too difficult for you. So, time is the factor of fear. Time is brought about by thought - right? - that I will die in two years time, therefore I'm frightened - right? - and I think about it. So, thought and time, which are both the same, is the basic factor of fear. And there is no fear when there is only the absolute fact, instantly. Do you understand all this? That is, can you observe the movement of time as thought which breeds fear? Right? You understand? I am afraid of tomorrow. The fear comes into being when I think what might happen tomorrow. Right? Or I've had pain yesterday and I don't want it to happen again. I don't want to have that pain again and it might happen, and there is fear. Right? So fear is the movement of time and thought. And then arises a fundamental question, which we will go into perhaps tomorrow and the three other meetings: can thought come to an end? Can thought have a stop? Which means, can the brain, with all its conditioning - you follow? - lose its... can the brain stop the activity of memory? Only where it is necessary, and where it is not necessary - you understand? So we will continue with fear and the rest of it tomorrow. And I hope you have understood some of all this.
Public Talk 3 Ojai, California, USA - 09 April 1977 Read full text