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Feb 20, 2024
Thought is necessary, time is necessary. To go from here to there time is necessary. And thought is necessary to drive a car, to take a bus or train. Thought is necessary, time is necessary at that level. Now I am saying as thought and time are the root of fear, is thought and time necessary psychologically? 

Are they? As long as you think time and thought are necessary, in the psychological world, in the world of the self, in the world of psyche, in the world of inside the skin, then you will be perpetually in fear.

If you perceive that, if there is perception, not acceptance, that thought and time are the root of fear, then thought and time are necessary at the physical level but inwardly are not. Therefore the brain is actively watching itself every minute to see that thought and time do not enter into the realm where they are not necessary. This requires great attention, awareness, so that the brain, which has accumulated fear for centuries, or for one day, sees where they are necessary and where they are not. It watches like a hawk so that thought and time don't enter into the whole process of living. This is real discipline, this is learning. The root meaning of that word is disciple, one who learns, who is learning all the time, who never says, "I have learnt" and halts.
Saanen, Switzerland | 4th Public Talk 15th July 1984 Read full text