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Are there any aspects of Krishnamurti's teaching that you find implausible or difficult to accept?

the truth is what it is and can not be denied; it is not a matter of accepting or not, that what is, IS.

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If you had to sum up what Krishnamurti is all about in just a few words of your own, what would they be?

K has reached a hand, when ready one grappes it and finds the light of his/here own;

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Do you think Krishnamurti was exceptional, or is the transformation he spoke of universally accessible?

transformation is universally accessible for those who are ready to accept the truth of being - he was exceptional because of the way he brought it to us, easy, understandable, in our own language;
he did not say anything different than others, including the Buda, Krishna, Tao, etc.

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How do you personally go about exploring the Krishnamurti's teachings (through personal study, dialogues, dvds)?

personal study

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Do you think it is possible to make Krishnamurti more "practicable" than what he himself seems to have allowed for?

the most practicable thing i ever learned since i am on earth, is "listen, feel and watch without naming" ... and that was brought by K ! that is an ever usable practice that eventually opens the book of life.

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Do you think it advisable to introduce Krishnamurti to people you know? Have you ever done it and if yes, what are your experiences?

his teachings become part of one 's expression, in that way any one near us gets in touch with his teachings;
yes i have been giving books away, whatever people do with it is not in my hands, but nobody ever trowed it back to my head !

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How important do you consider group dialogue to be in understanding the more subtle points of Krishnamurti's message?

group dialogue might be of use, but i think it is not more important than any other way of relationship to everything in ones life;
if someone is really listening than this person will see, feel and hear what is meant beyond words;
otherwise groupdialogue will reinforce the "ego", words is me;

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How do you strike a balance between healthy doubt and ready acceptance in investigating Krishnamurti's proposals?

first of all listening to his proposals, making sure i understood what he is saying, then taking it 'with me' for a time, observing the proposal within my own thinking, saying, acting, without denying nor judging that what happens within myself, untill this observation is telling me what is and what is not.

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Has coming into contact with Krishnamurti and his teachings had any perceptible effect on your life and/or relationships?


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Can dialogue - in the sense of sincere inquiry - be organized or can it only come about spontaneously, unprompted?

spontaneously -

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Do you ever feel that you have been conditioned by Krishnamurti's teachings?

a long time ago, when at first i got a book (mind without choice) into my hands, but i never regretted, the moment i realized, conditioning was seen in it's totallity

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What future do you foresee for Krishnamurti's works? Do you think they will grow in importance or will they just gradually die away?

who knows?

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Does the phrase "living the teachings" have any meaning to you?

"living the teachings" means to me, to let come into being all K' proposals and observe what they are doing with or within oneself

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