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Understanding and Insight
Dev Singh | Editorials

A few years before his death, prompted by his biographer Mary Lutyens, Krishnamurti wrote a summary of his entire messa...

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In Loco Parentis: Reflections on Caring for Teenagers
Toon Zweers | A Holistic Education

It's the first week of September and a flock of teenagers has descended on Brockwood. The house and the outbuildings that have lain in relative ...

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Friedrich's Newsletter - September 2014
Friedrich Grohe | Reports

During Krishnamurti's last talks at Saanen, in 1985, he said that the spirit had left the valley and had gone to Brockwood Park. Earlier this ye...

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I Have Been Made Simple
Kinfonet Editorial Board | Editorials

Now that so many years have passed since Krishnamurti's death, it is interesting to take stock of the influence his life and work has had on hum...

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Educating the Senses
Suprabha Seshan | A Holistic Education

Our pedagogues have not really addressed the senses as a vital 'aim' of education. I feel that sensitivity to beauty is not quite the same thing...

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On Awareness
Talks and Dialogues, Saanen 1967 | 6th Public Dialogue, August 7th, 1967
Krishnamurti: This is the last discussion or dialogue. We have talked during these past five days about various forms of violence, self-knowing and...
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On Happiness and Religion
This Matter of Culture | Chapter 4
Why are you here listening to me? Have you ever considered why you listen to people at all? And what does listening to somebody mean? All of you he...
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Understanding Loneliness
Talks by Krishnamurti in Europe | June 25th, 1955. London, England
One of our problems, it seems to me, amongst so many others, is this dependence - dependence on people for our happiness, dependence on capacity, t...
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Upcoming Events

Yoga Of J. Krishnamurti
Annual Gatherings
Aurovalley Ashram near Haridwar, India
Oct 17, 2019 - Oct 21, 2019
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A Journey In Self Inquiry
Dialogue Retreats
Bruges, Belgium
Sep 06, 2019 - Sep 08, 2019
more details
Can There Be Goodness In Laughter?
Theme Weekends
Alresford, United Kingdom
Dec 06, 2019 - Dec 08, 2019
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Featured Interview Answers

How do you personally go about exploring the Krishnamurti's teachings (through personal study, dialogues, dvds)?
answered by R J
I think you should remove the word 'the' from this question as he was a man rather than an institution and anyway would probably rather dislike bei...
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Has coming into contact with Krishnamurti and his teachings had any perceptible effect on your life and/or relationships?
answered by Sharon Neal
My perception of 'life' is more meaningful since I started reading K.
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What future do you foresee for Krishnamurti's works? Do you think they will grow in importance or will they just gradually die away?
answered by Rick New
Perhaps they will alter themselves. The source may not be recognized, but the energy will live on in those inspired. The form might be anything.
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Featured Member Statements

Brenda Van Eeden
Anthropology is my field which reflects my fascination for diversty in all its manifestations. I dedicate myself to Krishnamurti & his teachin...
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Siem Van Eeten
As an inhabitant of Ommen (Neth.) I was touched by the historiy about Krishnamurti's presence in the years 20 and 30.
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Canny Cannuck
I am (and no thoughts after that). The feeling associated with that is the feeling that "I am" nowhere and everywhere, there is the reali...
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Kris Halvorsen
I am concerned that there is not more serious interest in the content of Krishnamurti's dialogues.
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