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"Experience is the awakening of the human mind to knowledge. Absorption is the filling of the human mind with man's experiences and analyzed feeling of interpretations. These are theories,opinions, and concepts which becomes the man and his world. Neither are pure, whole, perfect, or complete because they are man's moving interpretations and output of his universal mind's reciprocal projections of time, space, distance, and matter as human thoughts". - J. Fann, Jr.

"No one can define the touch of you
A little salt here, pepper there will do
And how much did you say was a pinch
take a mile, give an inch?" - J. Fann, Jr

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What future do you foresee for Krishnamurti's works? Do you think they will grow in importance or will they just gradually die away?

In someways Krishnamurti is absolutely (a word buried in my letter box until now)right about changing ourselves changes the world. Seeing as I do, we are all ponds, and everything which drops on, or enter us, send out ripples affecting our structured position of conscious activity. The pond is our world, and any changes to our world caused by ripple motion stir up the sediment above and below of substance we are. We give the pond's life of our being to the fish, birds, vegetation, animals, minerals, and all creatures of need of our necessity. And to keep our pond life fresh and up to date, others waters must run through us to assure we do not become stigmatized. The future of all words is in knowing understanding is a part of consciousness, but what good is understanding without discernment. Ahh, so then understanding must also be a part of consciousness. Merge the two, and wisdom of individuality concerning righteous standards is foreseen.

Julius Fann, Jr

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