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Early Writings, Volume VII | Talks at Adyar, India 1932-33

All spiritual organizations, religions and cults, teach the necessity of effort and continual struggle for the discovery of truth. But to me, that which is found after struggle is not truth, because what you discover is only the secret prompting of your own craving which gives you satisfaction. The very idea of the pursuit of truth is an illusion, for while your mind and heart are occupied with this struggle and search after the ultimate reality of existence, your life is but mere conformity to established ideas. Thereby you create a gulf between your life and truth. You regard your daily existence as only a means, a way towards that ultimate reality, and therefore, your human experiences and sorrow lose their significance. In other words, because living is a terrible conflict, an incessant battle, a weary problem, you seek a solution which you call truth. This search is but an escape from your conflict, and you call it truth.

It is only when there is the cessation of conflict, through the awakening of intelligence, when you no longer make of life a problem to be solved, that there is a realization of the living reality.

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