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Santa Monica, California | 3rd Public Talk, 1970

Questioner: Does love have an object? Can one love only one person in one's life?

Krishnamurti: Have you heard the question? Can you love one at the same time as the many? What a strange question to ask. If you love, you love the one and the many. But we do not love. Sir, many can smell a flower that has perfume - or only one can smell it - but the flower does not care, it is there. And that is the beauty of love: it can give to one or to many. That is only possible when there is compassion, when there is no jealousy, no ambition, no success; and that is the denial of all that man has built in himself or around himself. Through negation the positive comes into being.

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This is what we mean when we speak of awareness.
The negation of all values, of all morality, of all beliefs, having no frontiers, cannot be in opposition to anything.
The negative we are talking about is a denial of the opposites altogether.
When I use the terms positive and negative I am not using them in opposition to each other.
In moments of great creativity, in moments of great beauty, there is utter tranquillity; in these moments there is complete absence of the self with all its conflicts;