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New York City, New York | Third Talk in the Town Hall, March 15, 1935

Questioner: You said on Monday that, to have true intelligence, one must have passed through a state of great aloneness. Is this the only way of arriving at true intelligence?

Krishnamurti: Let us consider what we do now. We are seeking security, constantly hedging ourselves in with certainties. Whenever there comes a state of utter uncertainty, doubt, we take immediate flight from it. So we have established comforting securities, certainties. Please think it over and you will see that this is so. And it is only when you are stripped of all hope, in the sense of security, certainty, only when you are completely naked, stripped of all protective measures and reactions, that there is the ecstasy of truth. In those moments of complete aloneness, which only come when all escapes and their significance have been truly discerned, is there the blessedness of the present.

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With most of us, the difficulty is that we are unaware of our escapes. We are so conditioned, so accustomed to our escapes, that we take them as realities.
To walk alone, unimpeded by thought, by the trail of our desires, is to go beyond the reaches of the mind.
In the life we we generally lead there is very little solitude.
You have built up a system through centuries, based on competition and selfishness.
I am not giving you a system or a discipline as a way to end your conflict.
By aloneness I do not mean living apart from humanity. I mean that aloneness which comes from understanding, not from withdrawal.
Questioner: Did you seriously mean what you said when you suggested last week that one should retire from the world when one is around forty-five or so?
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