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Group Discussion 4th December, 1947 | Madras, India

If you merely abide by the tradition of society you do not know what you think. Merely following the current of society is superstition. If you want to understand the current you must detach yourself from the current. Perhaps our whole existence is thoughtless. This may be the result of the thoughtless past, which is the product of the group and therefore you must begin with the nearest thing that is yourself. Whether you affect the many or not, you are not concerned; because if you understand something, that itself is sufficient.

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In attachment there is conflict which awakens you, stirs you, and in order not to be awakened, you long for detachment.
I have never said that one should be remotely disinterested, that one should be detached; quite the contrary.
I believe that I have no attachments whatsoever, and still I don't feel myself free.