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Ojai, California | 2nd Public Talk 1946

Questioner: Can we not occasionally realize that we are escaping?

Krishnamurti: We may, but our self-expansive urge is so cunning, subtle, that it avoids coming directly in conflict with this aching insufficiency. How to approach this problem is our difficulty, is it not?

Questioner: When you are free what is purpose of activity?

Krishnamurti: How can a mind that is the outcome of insufficiency and fear experience an activity which is not of the self? How can a mind that is acquisitive and fearful, bound by dogma and belief, experience reality? It cannot. Speculation of what is beyond its limitation is only a postponement of the realization of its bondage. If I may suggest, can we try during the coming week to be aware of this bondage that has been developed by the process of self-expansion? - for this limitation, this expanding self can never experience or discover the real.

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