Quote of the Day

by Jiddu Krishnamurti

Question: Some say you are the Christ, others that you are the Antichrist. What, in fact, are you?

Krishnamurti: I don't think it matters very much what I am. What matters is whether you intelligently understand what I say. If you have a deep appreciation of beauty, it is of little importance to know who painted the picture or wrote the poem. (Applause and objections) Sirs, I am not evading the question, because I don't think it matters in the least who I am. For if I began to assert or deny, I should become an authority. But if you, through your own discernment, understand and live what is true and vital in that which I am saying, then there will be fulfillment. This, after all, is of the greatest importance: that you shall live fully, completely - not what I am.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
2nd Public Talk 15th July, 1935