Quote of the Day

by Jiddu Krishnamurti

Questioner: Can a minister who has freed himself from the doctrines still be a minister in the Lutheran church?

Krishnamurti: I think that he will not remain in the ministry. What do you mean by a minister? One who gives you what you want spiritually, that is, comfort? Surely the question has been already answered. You are looking to mediators to help you. You are making me also into a minister - a minister without doctrines, but still you think of me as a minister. But I am afraid I am not. I can give you nothing. One of the conventionally accepted doctrines is that others can lead you to truth, that through the suffering of another you can understand it. But I say that no one can lead you to truth.

Questioner: Suppose that the minister is married and dependent upon his position for his living?

Krishnamurti: You say that if the minister gave up his work, his wife and children would suffer, which is real suffering for him, as well as for his wife and children. Should he give it up? Suppose that I am a minister, that I no longer believe in churches, and feel the necessity of freeing myself from them. Do I consider my wife and children? No. That decision needs great understanding.

Frognerseteren, Norway
3rd Public Talk, September 9, 1933