Quote of the Day

by Jiddu Krishnamurti

Questioner: Is there anything that one can do to be passively aware? Can I do anything to be open?

Krishnamurti: The very desire to be open can be an effort of the self, which only creates resistance. We can but be aware that we are enclosed, that the activity of will is resistance, and that the very desire itself to gain passive awareness is another hindrance. To make a positive effort to be open is to throw up the barrier of greed. To be aware of the self-enclosing activities is to break them down; to be unaware and yet desire to be open is to create further resistance. Passive awareness comes only when the mind-heart is tranquil. In this stillness the real comes into being. This stillness is not to be induced nor is it the outcome of the activity of will. An intelligence which is the product of desire, of self-expansion, is ever creating resistance, and it can never bring about tranquillity. Such intelligence of self-protectiveness is the product of time, of the impermanent, and so can never experience the timeless.

Questioner: Is not this intelligence useful in other ways?

Krishnamurti: Its only use is in protecting itself, which has caused untold misery and pain.

Ojai, California
Third Talk in The Oak Grove, 1946