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Sun, 15 Nov 2009 #1
Thumb_sm_sp_sue_square Sue Stephenson United Kingdom 1 post in this forum Offline

I want to become more aware, and less tied up in my thoughts. I've been reading transcripts of K's talks, but find I am far too easily distracted. The same problem arises when I intend to be quiet and still, and to just 'be'.

I've been wondering about trying to take a few days to go on retreat - perhaps here. Have other people done similar, and if so have you found it helpful?

Does anyone have advice on how I can let go of all the thoughts that keep buzzing around my mind, despite my attempts to gently shoo them away? I'm still very much a 'beginner' on this path, so please word any replies simply so I can understand!

Thank you for reading.

It is futile to waste time over what another is thinking, or what you imagine he is thinking...

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Sun, 15 Nov 2009 #2
Thumb_readytoloadup_correction Krishnan Srinivasan Denmark 322 posts in this forum Offline

Thanks Sue... nice place this JK retreat in Hampshire. Basically, do not shoo away your thoughts .. just listen with intensity... they will vanish look at a leaf(in this autumn)a face, anything, intensely with all your BEING, there you are thought-free.a method... is it? It works for me... try give a try.. with best wishes.

Life is like the tamarind fruit bound in its shell

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Mon, 16 Nov 2009 #3
Thumb_tampura ganesan balachandran India 19 posts in this forum Offline

Understand present is the reality, and without condemnation or jusrtification watch the self centrdness which again if you underrstand they induce the thoughts, and this awareness will bring in the tranquility without effort.
Todays quote will be highly useful for understanding.The craving for experience is the beginning of illusion.

We are watching, not waiting, not expecting anything to happen but watching without end. JK

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