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Topic: The US President, OBAMA & his.. Sun, 02 Aug 2009

Robert Michael wrote: Lastly Monic, let me ask you this. Do you feel you are totally free of any need or tendency to be an apologist for mediocrity, or the darkness? Is your closet free of all skeletons? Do you feel you are truly a light unto yourself and others, or are very sincerely and at all costs trying to be so? Have you ever experienced a radical or revolutionary awakening and/or total change of mind and heart experience?

Hello Robert. Although there has been change, still, there is some work to be done.
I find great harmony in nature and am in peace with my environment.With that said, I must be headed in the right direction. I don't lead, nor do I follow for it is against my nature and my constitution.

Kind Regard, Monic

Topic: Organization per se is not the answer to human problems Thu, 30 Jul 2009

Krishnan Srinivasan wrote: are pointing out that organizations are hindered by a few corporations and elite individuals who are greedy.

No. I am stating corporations and a few elites control the government and the politicians.

As for my opinion on "organizations", I speak more on the deeper sense of the word rather than of social institutions as I presume you implied.

I understand your positions quite clearly and empathize with those people who are subjected to such brutal methods. In America we have some Organizations which alleviate human suffering. I have no direct experience with healthcare in Denmark, but I have travelled the globe and find socialized medicine to be better than what this country has to offer. My recent experience has been in London, Canada, Paris.

Ultimately, fundamentally, I find, change for progress is within the individual which makes up society, organization, governments. If the people do not act, there will be no change.

Topic: The US President, OBAMA & his.. Thu, 30 Jul 2009

Robert Michael wrote: Hi Monic, I think what we really have here is a guy who's too stupid to know that he's at the helm of a hopelessly lost and fast-sinking ship calling other people stupid. Much like the pot calling the kettle black or the blind leading the blind, if you will. Seems nothing's really changed all that much in 2000 years. "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe." (Albert Einstein) Bob M.

Hi Bob, I found the officer's act stupid, (senseless) because the skills and knowledge one acquires in their profession is utilized within their capacity of professional conduct. Part of a police officer's duty is to arrest an individual when a crime is committed. There was no crime committed, nor was there any evidence of a crime committed.

You, in your posts, speak much of love and compassion Bob. Your message here is of condemnation. To condemn a man who has undertaken a task of monumental proportion is a bit ironic (putting it mildly). Considering the edge this nation is on, he may not be successful but in time we'll know. You feel this historical moment is a stupid act to undertake, a failing, collapsing nation, whereas some may think it is quite a challenge.

And as for Mr. Einstein, well, he incorporated his wife's knowledge and work in his own work and took all the credit himself.

Topic: Organization per se is not the answer to human problems Wed, 29 Jul 2009

Organization is a sign of a civilized society. With organization there is progress and growth, individually and universally. What we need in greater numbers, is complete awareness worldwide. With humanity at a advanced peak of evolution, this is possible. But the greed and power of a few elite will not allow this to happen. Especially in America, where the corporations control the government and the politicans while the large number of Americans sleep.

Topic: The US President, OBAMA & his.. Wed, 29 Jul 2009
Krishnan Srinivasan wrote:

But I am concerned with the pattern emerging in our hero</code>s responses to emergencies related to the eternal "race" question in American politics.Our hero President Obama frets and fumbles, smoothes out feelings later on. He may not get bogged down in this so- called "race-prolem".To keep his cool and delay his responses, would be better for him in the long run. Any comments,dear Americans...

Krishnan, apparently President Obama did get "bogged down", somewhat, but he handled it fairly well,(as usual). In view of the available facts, it was a stupid act of the police officer to arrest Mr. Gates. There was no crime committed, that was evident.

Depending on the indivdual, environment and nation, racism exists. Racism in America has suddenly become more apparent in the recent months.

Topic: The US President, OBAMA & his.. Fri, 26 Jun 2009

Krishnan Srinivasan wrote: I recommend our forum members to read "TALES OF MULLAH NASRUDDIN"

thanks Krisnan for sharing. I must say Mullah Nasruddin has very interesting thoughts.

Topic: The US President, OBAMA & his.. Fri, 19 Jun 2009
Krishnan Srinivasan wrote:

President Obama just caught a fly during his TV interview- Big News just now!

Krishnan, much needed humor in this serious environment...............thank you.

"Most of us become serious, lose the sense of joyousness. Seriousness which is without joy, without delight, is artifical in most cases, and so must be avoided. If you cultivate seriousness with joy, which springs up because you have Him in your heart, as a part of yourself, then that seriousness takes on a delight instead of turning to morbidity and clumsy expressions. When you see him you must see him out of joy and not out of seriousness. You can only approach Him when you are really happy, when you are really enlightened, when you are really delighted; not through the seriousness of religiosity and a gloomy idea of spirituality". J. Krishnamurti

Topic: The US President, OBAMA & his.. Tue, 16 Jun 2009
Krishnan Srinivasan wrote:

Dear Monic Devi, I hope you have read the book of biography of JK by PUPUL JAYAKAR. If you have, there one comes across JK solving some dilemma faced by Indira Gandhi, the then primeminister of India, regarding the Sikh rebellion in Punjab. He seems to have said," you cannot get down from the tiger while riding it. Go all the way!" I dpo ot remember the exact wordings. So he seems to have foreseen many things about Indian Politics and advised when asked seems.

Krishnan, I have yet to read that book and so much more. The response I provided was based on all that I've learned, although he had followers and wanted to eradicate the suffering of humanity, in some time and space he mentioned, perhaps in a dialogue, that it would be inappropriate to impose ones way of thinking upon another. Ultimately I think it would depend upon the surrounding circumstances.

Topic: The US President, OBAMA & his.. Sun, 14 Jun 2009

I don't think Krishnamurti would give advise to a politician. As far as one can see clearly, all politics revolves around greed and power. We are on different shores, separated by the vast sea. It would be ignorance to attempt to swim that length of water in hopes of survival.


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