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Sun, 24 Feb 2019 #31
Thumb_stringio Rich Nolet Canada 333 posts in this forum ACCOUNT DELETED

Sean Hen wrote:
Is it ever not intellectual only? Do we ever move beyond the intellectual with this?

Sean Hen wrote: (answering to Dan):
What about awareness that brings about immediate action, where the seeing is the action? Have you ever experienced this? I am inattentive and I become aware of my inattention. This awareness brings about attention.

Yes. Then one is beyond the intellect in attention, which is seeing. The intellect is thinking, chattering, analysing, which is inattention (in regard of selfknowledge). The mind must be quiet to perceive, to see , to be aware of what it is doing, of what is going on.

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Mon, 25 Feb 2019 #32
Thumb_screenshot_20180710-010635 One Self United States 1731 posts in this forum Offline

idiot ? wrote:
k: Do you know what gaiety is? It is just to laugh, to take delight in anything or nothing, to know the joy of living, smiling, looking straight into the face of another without any sense of fear.

Isn't it odd that the regular participant in this site have no sense of humer at all!?

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Displaying posts 31 - 32 of 32 in total
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