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New Kinfonet Site Launched!

By Andrea Singh 06 June 2020
We have just launched the third incarnation of the Kinfonet website. Kinfonet started in 1998 as a simple, static information site on Krishnamurti. The first version evolved organically along with the capabilities of the early internet. Over its first years, it became more interactive and gained additional features. Some of the popular features included a guestbook - that allowed people to add their name, location, and email to a worldwide contact list - and a discussion forum. Here is an image of what the first rendition of Kinfonet looked like:

Kinfonet, ca. 2001

In 2009, we recreated the Kinfonet site from scratch using a more modern technological stack. At that time, niche social media sites were all the rage so the site was influenced by that trend. Users could create detailed profiles and we tracked their activity as they posted on the forum, added a comment to an article, or submitted a new event, etc. As we transition to this latest iteration, a legacy view of the site will be made accessible for another two weeks.

The second version of Kinfonet 2009-2020

As technology changes rapidly and needs constant maintenance, and given our lack of time and funding the second version of the website eventually fell into disrepair.  Recently, we were once again in the position to be able to redo the Kinfonet website. This time around, our emphasis is on minimalism and simplicity - keeping only features that we deem essential.

As such, we decided to start with a clean slate and a beginner's mind. Users therefore will need to create new accounts and repost any events, meetups, or places they had added to the previous version of the site.

The discussion forum, in particular, will benefit from a brand new beginning. The forum software we have adopted is more robust and has a multitude of moderation options. Hopefully, this new setup will help create a public space to discuss Krishnamurti's teachings in a safe, and supportive environment.

We realize that at the time of this writing the new site looks a bit bare-bones and empty. This won't be the case for long, we hope, as we will be making a concerted effort to add more content and solicit valuable contributions from you.

We also have plans to re-launch the Kinfonet newsletter and start sending it out on a regular basis - approximately once a month - going forward. Please be sure to sign up below if you are interested in receiving it!

We hope you will enjoy the new website. You can leave feedback, or ask questions by using the contact form Here's to new beginnings! 🥂