SCHEDULE Every 1st and 3rd Saturday

Observations International Dialogue Group (Dialogue 2)

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Every 1st and 3rd Saturday at 7:00 pm EST Next date: Sat, December 16


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About This Meetup

Dialogue, one definition: Dialogue is a visionary, exploratory art form in which participants meditatively consider the possibility of a new way of living in harmony by observing and inquiring together with each other, caringly, affectionately, the nature of ourselves in relationship.
We are an international group of friends exploring ourselves, nature, and humanity with Krishnamurti's topics as launching points. After we launch, the explorations become our own. Our dialogues are about observing what we're thinking and feeling in the moment from a perspective of presence and intelligence; and in the observing, possibly unraveling misconceptions and prejudices clouding our view of what's actually going on. And it's about the relationship between us as we're doing this.

 “Observations” is held twice on the 1st Saturday of the month, and twice on the 3rd Saturday; Sundays in certain parts of the world. The reason we hold them at two times on each of the Saturdays is to offer the possibility of joining to virtually anyone in the world.